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Become an Introducing Broker

Become an IB

At LP TRADES we believe that transparency is the key to any strong relationship. As a result we have developed a program that pays partner rebates on a daily basis, based exclusively upon a volume generation.

LP TRADES  partnership advantages:

  • Institutional-only financial services provider
    (Global Tier-1 Prime Broker)
  • Customized mark-up and commissions
  • Unlimited multi-level IBs (get paid for every sub-IB under you)
  • Weekly payouts (no need to wait for end of month)
  • Two-factor fault-proof client tracking technology
    (based on lifetime cookie, GUI build)
  • Branded cTrader (name, logo and contact details)
  • Built-in reporting tools
    (see advanced statistics in the platform/backoffice)
  • You decide which platforms to offer (cTrader)
  • Super-easy client on-boarding (all in-platform)



Introducing Broker Program

     Get a quick overview of the brand new cTrader Introducing Broker Program which brings a new standard to partnership programs. Developed by Spotware Systems.

Become an IB

If you want to be an IB, please fill out the information below to let us know. We will contact you immediately after receiving your information.